After going through the process of naming and creating your outcome set, it will then appear within the outcomes page. To add outcomes to your outcome set, you will first click the Open button that is found below the name/description of your outcome set.


On the following page, you will be presented with an outcome creation form, wherein you will provide a Title and Description for your new outcome. Additionally, you can also include a Framework Keyword, which can be used to search for the specific outcome that the keyword is attached to. Once you have entered all of the required information for your new outcome, you will select the Add New Outcome button to include the outcome to your outcome set.


After selecting the Add New Outcome button, your newly created outcome will appear in the list of outcomes listed below the outcome creation form. These individual outcomes can then be edited by selecting the Modify option that is provided. Outcomes can also be removed from your outcome set by selecting the Delete option that is provided beneath the outcome.