Within Milestone, there are six different membership roles that a user can hold within an issuing organization.

  • Primary Owners have ownership rights to the entire organization as well as the ability to create or modify other owners. Each issuer has exactly one primary owner, with the role defaulting to the user who registered the issuer. Primary ownership can be transferred if desired.

  • Owners are users with ownership rights but cannot delete or transfer the organization. Owners can fully manage administrator roles and delete members from the organization.

  • Admins can author programs and badges. They can create new admins but can't remove admin rights from another user.

  • Members are general users who have limited rights by default. Admins can make them staff for specific programs, granting them rights to author and assess the content of the program.

  • Learners are students to be placed in programs.

  • Mentors help an organization provide career services to their users. They are able to browse and comment on organization member's goals, but don't participate in program design or assessment.