The Work tab within Achievement Studio allows users to include links to content and upload work samples that can then be used to demonstrate evidence of skill progression.

To upload a work sample within Achievement Studio, first select the Add New Work Sample option that is provided.


A Upload Work Sample pop-up window will then appear, wherein you will provide a Title and Description for your work sample, along with a list of all of the Skills that are demonstrated the work sample that you are uploading. Once you have entered information about your work sample, there are two different ways that your work sample can be added in to the site.

The first method to add a work sample is to provide a URL to your work sample, if this work sample has already been uploaded elsewhere on the web. To attach a URL to your work sample, you will paste your URL in the Link to Work section that is provided. After pasting your link, you can select the Preview button to confirm that your work will properly embed within the Achievement Studio site. 

The second method for adding a work sample would be to upload the file directly into the Achievement Studio site. Uploading a file can be done by either dragging a file into the Drop File Here section provided, or users can select the Choose a File option to select their file.

Once a work sample has either been uploaded or linked, then the work sample can be added to the site by clicking the Save Work Sample option that appears at the bottom of the Upload Work Sample window.