To Invite New Members to your issuing organization, administrators will first navigate to the Members tab, and then they will select the Invite New Members button that is provided.


On the following page, administrators will select the Invite button next to the user permission type that they would like to invite users to. Administrators have the option to invite users as an Administrator, Full Member, Mentor, or Learner within the Milestone site.


After selecting the user permission type that the admin is looking to invite to the system, the administrator will have to provide an Email Address that the invitation can be sent out to, along with an optional First Name, and Last Name for the invited user. Administrators can also use the Add Another Invite button to reveal additional fields that can be used to create multiple user accounts at the same time. In addition, the Show/Hide Bulk Invite option will allow administrators to paste a list of users that they would like to invite, so that these invitations can be sent out to multiple users in bulk. Lastly, Administrators can add a comment to their invitations within the Custom Message field. Once all of the necessary information has been provided, then the administrator will select Send Invitations to have invitations delivered to all of the users that were selected in the previous step.