To create a new badge within Milestone, you will first navigate to the Badge Library within your issuing organization, and then you will select the Create New Badge option that is provided. A pop-up window will then appear wherein you will have to provide a name and description for the new badge.


Badge Details: After entering a name and description for your badge, you will be brought into the Details page for your badge, where you can modify attributes associated with your badge such as; the skills that are reflected in the badge, and programs that will be using the new badge. The badge creator can also set an expiry date for the badge.


Badge Image: Once you have entered the details for your newly created badge, then the next step in the badge creation process is to create the image that will be associated with your badge. This process can be done in two separate ways depending on whether you already have an image created for your new badge. 

If you already have an image created for your badge, then you will click on the select my .png or .svg image option that is provided. You will then be brought into a window where you can select an image file from your own computer to upload the image into Milestone. Once you have selected your image file, you will then click Upload and Save, to apply this image to your badge.

If you do not yet have an image created for your badge, then the Milestone system allows for you to design your own badge using the badge designer. The badge designer will allow you to select both a base shape as the badge's backdrop and a banner to display the name of the badge. In addition, the Graphics Library will allow you to add icons and images to your badge. Once the badge's image has been created then you will be able to add text to your badge, by entering the name of your badge into the Enter text section. After entering your text, you will click the Add button to the right to add the text to your badge's image. Lastly, the badge designer does allow you to move, scale, rotate, or change the color of any element that makes up the badge so that you can fully customize the badge that you have created.


Badge Criteria: The milestone system allows users to set specific criteria, that when met, will indicate that a user is eligible to receive the connected badge. These criteria can be created manually through the Add Text option that is provided, which will allow the creator to set a name/description for the criterion. In addition, the Milestone system will also allow other badges to be used as criteria for a badge. This would then make it so the newly created badge can only be awarded to users who have received the connected badge. Lastly, data from other Anthology products can be used as criteria to award a badge through the Anthology Data option that is provided.