The Program Submissions page allows Owners, Administrators, and Mentors to view all of the submissions that have been made against badges within a program. The Program Submissions page provides search tools that will allow program owners and administrators to easily search for individual learners or submissions against individual badges. Program owners and administrators will have access to view or assess student work using the buttons provided to the right of each submission.

To view student work that is associated with a submission, a program owner, admin, or mentor will click on the View option that is provided to the right of each submission. In addition, program owners, admins, and mentors can assess student work by clicking the Assess option, which is also found to the right of each submission.


When a program owner or administrator selects the Assess option on a student submission, then they will be brought into the Submission Assessment page, which will show information such as; The name of the submitting student, the badge that they are submitting against, the student's evidence, outcomes that have been aligned to the badge, and a list of the criteria that the student has already met.


Further down the Submission Assessment page, owners and administrators will be provided with a section that will ask them to determine whether their learner has met the requirements of each criteria that is attached to the badge. Additionally, owners and administrators can also provide comments for their learners, to inform the learners of why or why they did not meet the requirements of the badge. After selecting each criteria that a student met, along with providing any necessary comments, then the owner or administrator will select either the Reject Submission or Award Met Criteria option to finalize this submission assessment.

If a learner is found to have met some of the criteria for a badge, but not others, then a owner or administrator can provide partial progress towards a badge by selecting the Met option for the criteria that had been met. After assessment, the learner will be able to see that they met some of the criteria towards the badge. The learner can then submit further evidence towards this badge in future submissions, to hopefully meet the criteria that they had not met on their first assessment.