The Program Designer allows organization owners and administrators to create program pathways that include a sequence of badges, broken down into stages with prerequisites. Program learners then make submissions against program criteria to try to earn the badges that have been included within the program.


To add Badges to your program pathway, you will first have to open up the Badge Library, which can be accessed by clicking on the badge library tab at the bottom of the page.


With the Badge Library open, you will then click on and drag your chosen badge to one of the open badge spots located on your program pathway. These open badges will appear below and to the right of each badge stage so that badges can either be added as a new pathway or as a sequence of badges that will be earned in order.


After dragging and dropping your new badge into an open spot on the program pathway, your new badge will appear with additional pathways created below it and to the right. Additional badges can then be added to any of the program pathways to designate how students will proceed through their program objectives.